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Review: The Veil (book #3)




The Veil has finally been crossed.

Alex, Gabriella and the other Guardians of Orion have arrived in Fenodara, a beautiful Luminar city that acts as the last beacon of hope for a dying civilization - but also a place that hides a dark secret. Never before have they been so close to the Ageless war and witnessed the way it corrupts not only the fading world, but also those who live there.

Soon afterwards, a devastating attack on the city rips Orion apart. Broken and defeated, the Guardians are forced to separate and travel through the dark underbelly of Pandemonia in a desperate attempt to save those they love, and stop the forces of Hades before it is too late. However, the longer Alex spends in the dark and hostile world, the more a single fact becomes clear to him.

This is a journey they might never return from.

(Chosen we rise - Allied we prevail)
Serie: Hasea Chronicles 
Language: english
love it so much, I'm always glad how this book are written they had the perfect amount of drama, romance, action and blend so well that it makes you feel part of the story altogether.
In this particular book what I liked most was that the characters developed themselves so much through a lot of experiences and the adding of Death breaker make the book so much more interesting at this point, Dellagio's story was super heartbreaking but I did liked it too, and the story have gone so complex that reminds you sometimes of life itself and how it can be so interesting and crushing at times too. 
I can't wait enough to se what will happens next on the conclusion. 


Serie: Crónicas de Hasea
Idioma: Inglés
ame este libro muchísimo, siempre me ha gustado el como esta escrita esta historia tiene la mezcla perfecta de action, drama, romance, y todo se compenetra tan perfectamente que hasta te sientes parte de la historia.  
En este libro en particular me gusta como los personajes han ido creciendo a través de las vivencias que han tenido, el tema de añadir a Death Breaker tambien hizo el libro aun mucho mas interesante en este punto, la historia de Dellagio fue super conmovedora aun así me encanto, la historia se ha puesto tan compleja que a veces me recuerda a la vida misma como puede ser tan interesante en momentos y otras veces tan cruel. 
No puedo esperar lo suficiente para saber que pasa en la conclusion de esta saga. 

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