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Guest Post - Everyday Magic

Everyday Magic

Do you believe in magic? Or have you ever read a book that was so filled with magic that you

yearned for it to be real? How do you feel about bringing a little magic in to your everyday life? I

write about magic most days, and I try to weave it in to my daily routine, so I'm going to share with

you some of my secrets to make the most of your day from Magical Morning to Enchanting

Most people have heard of the five elements-Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Pagans have long

worshipped them and sought to nourish their lives with their use. It's also one of the easiest ways to

add a bit of magic to your day. By welcoming them in to your living space you can enhance the

beauty and harmony therein and create a valuable aid in combating daily stress.

Air quality can be improved by throwing open those windows first thing, or maybe lighting a

scented Soya based candle (which also covers your Fire element!) Fire can also be incorporated

with the lighting of incense, or a fire pit in the garden. I plan to add a solar powered fountain

outside my favourite window to help add some water to my living space, but a pond or even a

simple bowl with fresh flowers floating in it is just as pretty. One of my favourite ways to celebrate

the Earth element is to plant up pots, but add a crystal to the earth. Simply add half the compost,

pop in a Rose Quartz (for loving healing) and continue to pot up as normal. For my spirit element I

try to keep my house as clutter free as possible, with only ornaments that really speak to me. One

of the few ornaments I have in the kitchen is my “celebration twig”-a branch that hangs from my

kitchen window that I hang seasonal mementos from. I love crafting and it brightens my kitchen no

I hope you enjoyed my tips for adding a little magic to your day. If you have any of your own, I'd

love to hear about them, details of how to get in touch are below.

India Emerald weaves short stories with a magical theme to them. Her writing spans several genres

including Fantasy, Magical Realism, and occasionally Science Fiction. She is the author of The

Mages' Stones Trilogy (2016), The Tale of Rigby Hall (2016), and Water Lilies (2016). India

frequently works with crystals both in her stories and her everyday life. She first caught the writing

bug during middle school winning a local writing award. This spurred her on to write her first

Space Opera at the age of 15. When India isn't writing or reading, she feeds her unhealthy

obsession with video games and in particular RPGs. She lives on the edge of the Black Forest in

what should be a gingerbread cottage, so she could eat sweets all day. You can follow her on

Twitter @india_emerald or Facebook

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