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Book Spotlight: The Butterfly Room


The Butterfly Room – Synopsis

Inspired by the recent efforts of the Joyful Heart Foundation’s NO MORE campaign and an existing relationship with InterAct to help raise awareness around domestic violence and LGBTI rights,
proceeds from this book will be donated to Refuge the UK’s largest provider of specialist domestic violence services as well as Southall Black Sisters, Stonewall, Women’s Aid and the charities highlighted above. For years Vikram and his two sisters have lived in the shadow of their powerful father Rohan. His wife Lakshmi has watched the family slowly disintegrate, living uncertainly within a web of fractured love, deceit and broken promises.
Determined to change her own life and those of her children she is now faced with the most dangerous choice of all. A course of events will now place everything she loves, cherishes and holds sacred under direct threat, plunging the family inexorably towards a journey of pain, self-realisation and ultimately heart breaking tragedy. "Heartbreaking and deeply moving..." The Indian Express
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More about the author
Saurav Dutt is the Guardian Books and LA Times Book short-listed British author of fiction and nonfiction works. He wrote for The Guardian, The Independent; he is a novelist, independent film producer, playwright, screenwriter, graphic design illustrator and above all, an accomplished author and writer. His books have covered Hollywood film star biographies, socio-economic issues, drama, contemporary fiction, horror, Manga and graphic novels. His books have been short-listed and featured at the London and Frankfurt book fairs, MCM Comic Book Convention and BookExpo America amongst media outlets as varied as Variety, BBC, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, CNN, International Business Times and The Hollywood Reporter to name but a few. As co-writer and associate producer of the independent film ‘Live Life Dearest’, he is also a Gothenberg Independent Film Festival winner. In recognition of his work, he was a finalist at the 2014 British Indian Awards under the ‘Arts & Culture Awareness’ category. Saurav Dutt – Media Links http://www.sauravdutt.com/welcome https://twitter.com/sd_saurav

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