martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

Blogger Interview

- Tell us a little about yourself
My names Hope. I’m a 27 year old  wife and mommy of two. I’m an introverted avid reader recreational writer who likes to cook only sometimes. When im not on the run with the family I can be  found browsing the internet. 

How did you decide to start your blog? 
I first noticed blogs on good reads and immediately fell in love. I left a few comments here or there but got no real feed back. But before I’d discovered goodreads I’d had a lot to say about my current read. So I made a blog. I hadn’t even learned how active the blogging community was when I started. 

- How long you dedicate your blog in a week?
Its really hard to say when I start off making changes to my blog and get distracted by something I saw on Pinterest or Facebook. And am I working on my blog by browsing other blogs? If so I spend about 40 hours a week on the computer, a good part of that doing something blogish or bookish.

- Which sagas you liked most this year?
This year I loved Graceling, the winners kiss , unravel you. 
- Have you met many people doing the blog? Personally I’ve only met a few, like 2. Its been a challenge to change my quiet introverted ways. But I’m working on it.

- Which authors have influenced you through their stories?
Oh Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi impressed and inspired me. In the end I loved the life long love I’m having for the series. I found too many forgettable after a while or I’ve just lost interest but I found this book to just make me happier and happier. I’d love to make people happy like that. 
- What genres you like to read more? I like any genre with a good love story. Ya, paranormal, sci fi, contemporary. 

- You have a social network for your blog, where we can find you?
Yes, Facebook, twitter, good reads Instagram. 

- Any comments for other readers? 
Support authors we love so much with reviews and no piracy. And Don’t be afraid to say hello! We all love attention

- What is your impression of Book Wormie Spot, something that can be improved? Its super cute and easy to navigate. I’m also impressed with the services you offer

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  1. Great interview, what a great way to introduce new bloggers to our community.


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