domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Spotlight: Guardians of the Gauntlet

Princesses, sisters Camari and Mila, meet Prince Denir who is in possession of a special gauntlet. This gauntlet only works if one believes in a higher power. With this gauntlet, Denir turns Camari invisible. Trouble occurs when Denir is called off to war, leaving Camari in the predicament of being invisible. Not only must Camari learn to become visible again she must outwit two wicked characters who conspire to steal the gauntlet.

Will Camari have enough faith in her higher power to use the gauntlet? Will she become visible again? Will she outwit the wicked Bogwina (an enchanted Bogwitch) and the evil magician, Mecandel? Who else will she meet on her quest?

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