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Sawyer Spotlight

Sawyer Morgan has a secret. Revealing his true feelings to his family could bring devastation and

destruction, so he keeps the burden firmly on his own shoulders. When he moves back to Torey Hope to 

help with the family business, Sawyer’s hidden truth becomes too much to bear.

Luke Hamilton has a past overflowing with emotional and physical scars. A promise to his dying mother 

prevents him from seeking the love and acceptance he longs for. Taking a job in Torey Hope brings Luke 

face-to-face with taboo desires he thought long extinguished.

Secrets, lies, hatred, and fear threaten to destroy their lives. But, love has the power to overcome and 

lay claim to victory. 

Will Sawyer succeed in proving to Luke some connections are worth fighting for?

A poignant tale of two hearts valiantly fighting to stay true and find love.

**This is a male/male romance. It has adult themes, language, and situations. Readers sensitive to 

homosexual relationships, abuse, hate crimes, and derogatory terms should take note. This story is 

meant only for readers age 18+.**

A.D. Ellis is the award-winning author of two related collections of stories, A Torey Hope 

Novel Series and Torey Hope: The Later Years. Her debut novel, For Nicky, was voted #3 of the 

Top 50 Indie Books of 2014 by ReadFree.ly readers/voters. A.D.’s fourth novel, Loving Josie, 

was awarded the bronze medal in the contemporary romance category in the prestigious 

Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Awards.

Born and raised in a small farming town in southern Indiana, A.D. was an avid reader from 

the time she learned to read.  She could often be found curled up somewhere with her nose in a 

book. Most of her friends and family were not such book enthusiasts, so A.D. got used to dealing 

with snickers and joking comments about her constant reading habits. Truth be told, Ms. Ellis 

has always been the definition of a book nerd.

A.D. always dreamed of being a teacher. Graduating from Indiana State University in 1999 

and earning a Master's Degree from Indiana Wesleyan in 2003, she met her goal of entering the 

world of education. A.D. has been teaching in the inner city of Indianapolis, Indiana for 17 years. 

She spent the majority of her 17 years in fourth grade, but has now taken on the challenges of 

teaching 3rd and 4th grade alternative education students. A.D. loves teaching fractions, 

variables, probability, and graphing in Math. She loves almost all aspects of English Language 

Arts. Figurative language, theme, making predictions, drawing conclusions, inference, context 

clues, making writing come to life, A.D. loves it all! Her students don't always share in that 


She met her husband in college in 1996 and they married in June of 2000. She lives in a 

south side suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and two school-aged children. When 

she's not reading or writing with music blaring, she can be found shopping at thrift stores, 

reading to her children, and sweating at the gym in the very early mornings.

A.D. began her writing journey in October 2013, and she is grateful for the friends and 

support she's found along the way.

Please connect with A.D. Ellis on Facebook. www.facebook.com/adellisauthor

Find Ms. Ellis’ books on Amazon at http://bit.ly/AmazonADEllis


I’m gay.

His brother, Decker, had taken the news fairly well. He’d needed a solo walk through the 

woods to gather his thoughts; Sawyer suspected his always-in-control, serious, black and white 

brother also needed to come to grips with the fact that he’d never suspected his brother’s sexual 

preference was different than his own. How ironic that the one person Sawyer was the closest to 

in the whole world was the one person who was the most clueless.

Sawyer had held his breath practically the whole time Decker had been walking through 

the woods. A deluge of rain poured down as the dark sky broke open, yet Sawyer still sat alone 

at the campfire. His head had started playing tricks on him. You disgust him…he can’t stand the 

thought of having a gay brother…you’ve lost him…he’s not coming back. But Sawyer held out 

hope that Decker was just doing his usual thinking things through. 

He had breathed a sigh of relief when Decker emerged, soaking wet, from the woods. 

Walking towards him with purpose, his twin had stopped in front of him and spoke the most 

heartwarming, sincere words Sawyer had ever heard from him.

“You’re my brother, always have been, always will be. I wish you could have told me 

sooner, but nothing has changed between us. I’ll be there in any and every way that I can.” 

Decker grabbed Sawyer and pulled him into a deep embrace, communicating his love and 

acceptance through his touch.

Telling his cousins, Zach and Kendrick, had been less emotional, and a lot more 

entertaining. Sawyer had to laugh at the questions his admission had stirred up. 

“I’m gay.” 

Two words that held such power. Would they laugh? Would they walk away in disgust? 

Would they be angry?

Zach smiled and nodded. “I think I’ve known that for a long time, man, but thanks for 

telling me.”

“Wait, you knew? Why didn’t you ever say something? Why did you joke with me about 


“I don’t know, I guess I figured you’d tell me when you were ready. I didn’t want to bring 

it up if I was wrong and it offended you. I think I joked about girls thinking it would give you the 

opportunity to bring it up if you wanted to.” Zach stood and walked to his cousin, reaching a 

hand down, he pulled the other man up into a hug. “Nothing changes, I’ve got your back, man.”

Kendrick sat with his hand rubbing his chin. Would he be the one who couldn’t accept it?

Eyes twinkling and a shit-eatin’ grin on his face, he finally spoke. “What’s it like to suck 


The other three burst out laughing.

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