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Marked Series Spotlight


'There's something terribly wrong with his eyes. My mind struggles to rationalize what 

I'm seeing and I tell myself that it's just a trick of the light, or that maybe I'm 

hallucinating due to the crushing amount of fear I'm feeling, because when I look at 

them, all I see is darkness. Deep dark voids that threaten to swallow me whole.' 

When 17 year old Hanna Harper agrees to see a local band at The Iron Knife Club 

with her two best friends, she has no idea her life is about to change forever and that 

everything she thought was impossible...isn't. 

Marked with a mystical symbol by a dying boy, she's thrust into a world she never 

imagined existed where her eyes are opened to the reality that fallen angels are very 

real, and very dangerous. And with just one look from their soulless black eyes, they 

can take everything from you. 

And now, because of the symbol and the secret it contains, a secret she must protect 

at all costs, those black eyes have set their sights on her.

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'The ground at my feet crumbles, each piece falling away into nothing. I struggle

searching for any kind of traction. There's none. His hand tightens around my 

throat. Without warning he lets go and I fall into darkness with the sound of his 

laughter echoing all around me.' 

Hanna Harper would give anything for her life to go back to being simple and 

ordinary, but the truth is, things are only getting more complicated--and absolutely 


Marked with a new symbol she's brought back from the brink of death to protect her 

best friend--the boy she fell madly in love with, the Chosen One in an ancient 

prophecy who's fated to either save or destroy the world when his powers awaken 

on his 18th birthday. But keeping him hidden and safe isn't easy, even with the help 

of The Guardians. Especially when one of them is trying to steal her heart and her 

greatest enemy is trying to undermine her efforts every chance he gets. So when the 

truth is discovered and Hanna's brother is taken hostage, a decision has to be made. 

Does she risk the fate of the world to save her brother by handing her best friend 

over to The Fallen, or does she risk losing the only family she has left to keep him 


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T.L. McDonald lives in Ohio with her husband, her three wonderful children, and her 

little miniature pinscher Lola (who thinks she's a big beast.) When she's not 

spending time with her family or friends, she can often be found staring at the 

computer screen as she writes new material (okay sometimes she's actually just 

surfing her newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter), curled up with a good book, or 

occasionally binge watching an entire series on Netflix. Although T.L. has been 

writing since her childhood, Marked is her very first published novel and now that 

she's gotten this far, she has no plans of stopping. Nothing makes her happier than 

knowing she's put something out into the world for people to enjoy.

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