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Spotlight: Carousel

Carousel blurb:

After living in the countryside for years, Princio returns to his homeland, the tiny yet prosperous Kingdom of Lucca, upon the orders of his dying grandfather. Living alone in the annexed building next to the palace, Princio is discovered by the kingdom’s chief doll maker, Feletti, who purposely withholds his knowledge of Princio’s past in order to gain his trust and friendship. Princio believes Feletti to be a true friend until he meets Marian, a girl with a penchant for cooking and a natural curiosity, and their chance meeting in the kingdom’s carousel sets off a series of events with the potential to change everything. As Princio, Marian, and Feletti’s dark secrets begin to unfurl, their lives slowly come to light –

About the Author:

Jennifer graduated from Monmouth University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations/Journalism, with a minor in History. While attending she was the Managing Editor and then Editor-in-Chief of the Monmouth Review Literary Magazine and a contributing writer for The Outlook. After graduation, she began writing for Lost Treasure Magazine, covering a variety of topics, including that of Captain Kidd, The Library of Alexandria, Richard III, and The Arthur Stone. After self publishing three books of poetry and photography: Delightfully Dark: A Collection of Poems and TalesEo: Go, walk, ride, sail, pass, travel, and Uncharted, Jennifer's first young adult novel Carousel was published through Propel, the Young adult division of Pulse LLC with a prequel The Cottontail, in the works.
She was a extra in Chris Rockwell and The Stickball Social Club’s music video “We Don’t Play To Win”, have been interviewed by 40footholestudio for Authors in the Round which broadcasts to 130 countries, interview for Danielle Urban’s Urban Lit Magazine and continue to do book signings. Jennifer takes pride in my work, having performed her poetry throughout New Jersey in several locations such as Bank on Mattison, The Saint, Green Planet Coffehouse, and The Inkwell.

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