domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Light Creppypastas #3


Once, there was this guy on the bus who kept staring at me and staring at me. He followed me home and stared at me through my window. I told him to go away and he did... so he could go stare at you!


Melissa Jensen

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind howled, the rain poured in buckets, and the trees wentscratch scratch scratch against my window like sharpened fingernails. And it was then that I realized...I'd left the top down on my convertible, and I'd just had the interior reupholstered. 

T.R. Briar

There once was a boy named Sue,
So bad, he was raised in a zoo.
He ate all the lions.
He slapped a big snake.
There’s no use in cryin’
Your leg’s now his steak. 

Jay Cole


There was this boy and this girl and they went out on this date. And they made out and all that and she ended up pregnant. they went ahead and had the baby but they didn't like it at all, cause with a baby around it was hard to go to parties and play video games. So, the boy named the baby "Someone Shoot Me". When the boy was old enough to talk they sent him to an NRA meeting and he was asked his name. Now the boy and the girl have time to play video games and drink root beer again. 


There were these two boys named Brad and Hank. They lived on the same street. One day Brad and Hank were outside playing together and they said, "let's go to the old house over there on the same street we live and explore it" and they said, "yes, we should do that" even though they were really very scared and they were shaking with scared feelings. So, they went to the really ancient house and went in. They saw that the house was really very old and probably built in 2008 maybe in May or so. And in the house they saw books and then they found a pipe organ.

The organ played itself.

The boys became very scared and wanted to run, but they said, "no, let's keep looking around" and they found some pictures like old pictures hanging on the walls. The eyes moved! ON! ONE! of. THE! PICTURES!

And the boys got really scared and they wanted to run but they didn't run. Hank and Brad kept looking around and they went to the basement. It was really very scary in the basement and they saw a mouse. Brad stepped into a spider web. "Eek," said Brad.

then they saw a dead body of a dead man in the basement. He had died there! And. HE! Was a SEA! CAPTAIN! But, they didn't run away. They began to look at his body and it was all gross, but he still had clothes on so that helped. They found gold in his pockets. Like, a whole lot of gold. Almost a hundred dollars worth! And they ran away and were going to go to the bank. 

But, Hank looked at Peter and Peter looked at Brad and Brad looked at Hank and they realized there was a third boy with them now! And that scared them because he wasn't there when they went into the house but he came out with them.

"Give me my father's gold," said the boy and they lied and said they didn't have it. So, they were rich and bought bicycles.

But, they both got a NOSE! BLEED! THAT VERY SAME! night. 


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