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Guest post: A True Experience

A True Experience 
Written by Karen Turkal Copyright September 2015 

It was the end of Labor Day weekend, 1992 and a Sunday as I swung in the long, wooden porch swing. I missed this swing, this porch and the smells. Oh the smells of being here, in Ohio, in fall time. Here, in the place where my real life began, the place my husband and I used to come to ‘park’ when we dated. Where our daughter had been conceived. Where we built our house from the first nail to the last, using every dollar we made. Yes this place, where I had lived and dreamed for the last nineteen years. Until last January. We had to move because of my husband’s job. However, we kept our house, this place, here in the middle of the woods. So here we were, back from Oregon for our first visit as I stretched out on this wonderful old swing, laying my head back to see the sky. The sun was bright and I half closed my eyes. A burst of light and then energy made me hop up to stand on my feet. I glanced around. A feeling, almost tangible, came through me. I shrugged it off and told myself I needed to go in and pack for the return trip to Oregon this afternoon. I walked into our bedroom and sat on the bed. I had a pair of sweatpants in my hand. My suitcase lay empty beside me. I stood and closed the empty case, grabbed it, walked out and placed it by the front door. I told myself there was no reason to pack because I would be back next week and something would be different, something was going to change. With no plans in the future to come back at all, I wondered why I had such a thought. Back out on the porch I reached down and touched the neighbor’s cat, Patches. Would she not be here when we came back? She was old, maybe she would be dead when we came back. But no, we wouldn’t come back for that, although we did love that cat. A car pulling into the driveway interrupted my thoughts. It was an old and special friend stopping by to see my husband and me. To tell us to have a good and safe trip back to Oregon. He continued to tell me he had been having terrible pains in his stomach. That was enough to send my stomach into instant turmoil. No! He couldn’t the reason we would come back next week! “Bill, you HAVE to take care of yourself,” I said with a shaky voice. “You have to be here when we come back!” He just looked at me and grinned, “I’m sure it’s nothing,” he said as I gave him a hug. My husband and I caught our flight and began our work week. The very next Friday night we got a phone call. We rushed to pack and catch a fast flight back to Ohio. My husband’s brother had been killed. Had some dark energy come to me in some paranormal warning? How cruel to give me such a future prediction and not let me prevent it. My bones still shiver thinking about the feelings I had that day on the swing. I’ll never figure it out, but it was a true experience, one I will never forget. 

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