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Light Creepypastas #1

WROTE BY A DEAD GUY: It was a dark. The light go out, which is why dark. The dog runned away. A hungry bear come in my door and kilt me, and this bear know where UR house is. 

Jay Cole

When I was a kid, there was this house in the woods and a guy with an axe lived in the house and if you went into the woods he would chase you with his axe. One day I went into the woods when I knew the guy with the axe would be sleeping and I stole it right from the chopping block in his front yard but when I touched it something weird happened and the guy disappeared and I was trapped! The next day some kids came into the woods and I chased them with my axe.
The end? 

Christina McMullen

Once upon a time there was this woman and she was making supper and her husband comes in and she is surprised to see her husband and she hugs him but then he BITES HER and she's surprised and falls to the ground asking why. Oh I forgot to say her husband died a long time ago and she was very sad about it. But then they both got up as zombies and went to the neighbors' for dinner.

T.R. Briar

"I'm sorry", the operator said, "but the calls appear to be coming from inside the house, and were dialed by someone with a hook for a hand that turned out to be you all along!" 

C.B. Archer

There was this old lady who lived down the street and my parents made me go to her house all the time and she would keep me and keep me and not let me leave and then she would make me eat weird things and then she would make me sleep with my brother and then she would make me eat more weird things and the weirdest part of all was that she was not just an old lady that lived down the street in a big scary creepy house that was big and creepy and scary and all that stuff but it was also that she was really creepy and I would beg and I would beg and plead and tell my parents I didn't like to go to the old lady's house but they would make me go to the old lady's house every day and maybe I would not get to come home at night because I would stay there all night and then one day I found out that the old lady was my grandma and then I found out that she was dead so I ran and I cried and I ran to my parents but it was too late because they bought a puppy and forgot all about me and my brother because... we were dead too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

P.S. This means we were ghosts.

P.P.S. This is a fictional story. I'm not really dead. Neither is my brother.

P.P.P.S. But, my grandmother is.

P.P.P.P.S. AND SO ARE MY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!! 

But, the puppy is fine. 

Dwayne Fry

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