domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

Inside a Young Soul - Poem

Four minorities create one individual

Under-privileged because of the color of my skin

Not taken seriously because my age has “teen” at the end

Unsupported as one of strong spirituality

Disadvantaged because of my anatomy

Only accepted to fulfill quotas – and tolerated to suppress racist egos

You think that I have an equal chance at reaching my goals…

Because I share a class with white, middle-class students, like you

That’s funny and untrue; I have to work twice as hard and be twice as good

Even if it were, that’s not what equality means

We should be equal because we’re all human beings

“Life’s all about friends and fun; I spend my summers baskin’ in the sun.”

Sometimes I wish that’s how I felt, but that’s not the life I was dealt

My life’s about survival: Work to make money, make money to pay bills

Please God help me fulfill Your holy will

Some might say, “How does being religious make you a minority?”

If I were merely religious then I wouldn’t be

What makes me different is that I actually depend on God, which makes me seem odd

Most teenagers believe that they have forever to fix mistakes

I know that my life is about now or never

Bein’ a believer doesn’t mean begin locked in my house; it doesn’t mean bein’ quiet as a mouse

It merely sets a standard for my life

“I can’t do as much as he can; I’m so small and fragile”

That’s what guys want to hear us say

Men don’t understand… how much emotional suffering a woman can withstand

A strong heart, a gentle hand

Sure this world’s run by men (That’s what they think)

If only they could remember who conceived and nurtured them

I’m not saying we don’t need them, but I only want to make it known, that women can definitely hold their own

Just something for men to meditate on

My race gives me culture and roots

My age allows me to grow into the woman I should and hope to be

My faith gives me peace of mind

My gender gives me strength and compassion

Inside the soul of a black, teenage, Christian, female

Inside the soul of me

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