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Edit Package Giveaway for an Indie author

Hello there indie Authors today I bring you excellent news, 
My friend Morris E. Graham author, editor and book reviewer
is having a great giveaway. 

One of you can be a winner for a complete editing,
 beta reading, Create Space document 
and eBook conversion package, for a book up to 110k words.

If selected, what you will receive:

1) Proofreading.
2) Full copy and line editing.
3) Developmental editing.
4) Feedback on the strength of your opening line, the plausibility of your plot, the development of your characters, the effectiveness of your POV, the order/structure of your chapters & scenes.
4) Production of a document ready to upload to Create Space.
6) Production of eBook file ready to upload to Amazon/Kindle.

What is not included?
1) Book covers and other art

What you have to provide for entry in the giveaway?

1) Acknowledge in this POST

2) Send me your blurb 

3) Send me the first two chapters of your book in MS Word. 


Do all genres qualify?
No. I do not work on paranormal, horror, explicit sexual themes, or books using excessive amounts of profanity. 

If selected, you must provide the cover art for your eBook and Create Space cover, and any images you wish to include, along with your finished book in MS Word.

If you work is selected, and I counsel you to make a subsequent second edition, I will edit the changes as well.

If you win, I will not take on any other projects until yours is done. When the work is complete, as the winner, you agree to come back to this post and tell of your experience. Also, by entering this giveaway, you agree to allow a credit in your acknowledgments page for my editing service.

Timeline from acceptance is August 7

Don't let pass this great opportunity and enter the giveaway....

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