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Spotlight: Rarity from The Hollow

Publisher: Dog Horn Publishing
Released June 2012, Rereleased June 2015
Science Fiction Fantasy
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Lacy Dawn is a true daughter of Appalachia, and then some. She lives in a hollow with her worn-out mom, her Iraq War disabled dad, and her mutt Brownie, a dog who's very skilled at laying fiber optic cable. Lacy Dawn's android boyfriend, DotCom, has come to the hollow with a mission. His equipment includes infomercial videos of Earth's earliest proto-humans from millennia ago. DotCom has been sent by the Manager of the Mall on planet Shptiludrp: he must recruit Lacy Dawn to save the Universe in exchange for the designation of Earth as a planet which is eligible for continued existence within a universal economic structure that exploits underdeveloped planets for their mineral content. Lacy Dawn’s magic enables her to save the universe, Earth, and, most importantly, her own family.

Rarity from the Hollow is a true love story, not a crush, but a love so deep that regardless of where life takes us, the dream lives on forever. 

Excerpts –

Lacy Dawn tells her best friend that she’s got a boy friend, page 9:

"…Wait. I want to tell you something. I've got another best friend. That's how I got so smart. He teaches me stuff."
"A boy? You've got a boyfriend?"
"Not exactly," Lacy Dawn put a finger over her lips to silence Faith. Her father was hooking up a battery charger. She slid down the bank, too.
He probably couldn’t hear us, but why take the chance.
A minute later, hand in hand, they walked the road toward Faith's house.
"Did you let him see your panties?" Faith asked.
"No. I ain't got no good pair. Besides, he don't like me that way. He's like a friend who's a teacher—not a boyfriend. I just wanted you to know that I get extra help learning stuff."
"Where's he live?"
Lacy Dawn pointed to the sky with her free hand.
"Jesus is everybody's friend," Faith said.
"It ain't Jesus, you moron," Lacy Dawn turned around to walk home. “His name’s DotCom and….

DotCom tells Lacy Dawn that he has to go out of town for a job, page 69:

Lacy Dawn pointed her nose up, gave a little twist of her not-yet-fully-developed-butt, and the hearts on her panties flashed.
“I want you to help me move,” DotCom said.
“Move where? That’s what Faith did. She moved. Then she flunked and now she’s dead,” she hyperventilated. “Why do you want to move any­way?”
Tears dripped onto her keyboard. Her monitor went black—a pro­grammed response to excessive moisture.
“I have a job to do,” he said.
“Job, job, job, job, job…,” she cried. “So many people have taken the Hillbilly Highway out of this hollow that there’s almost nobody left. They all went toCharlotte, wherever that is. Or, to Cleveland, wherever that is. Everybody’s moved to other places to take jobs and now you too.”
"I'll be back soon."
“Sure, that's what you say now. Grandma and Grandpa took that highway once. Grandpa went to TV school in Cleveland. That's where Mommy was born. I don’t think you ought to go because Grandma said it's full of big potholes. What if you fall into one? You might get hurt and not be able to make it back home. Grandma said they were lucky to make it back home alive.”
"I'll be careful."
“And what about your job right here? You told me that you'd help me fix my family. Just because Daddy don’t switch me as much, that don’t mean the job’s finished. He’s destroyed almost everything in the house that ain’t his.”
“My, ahh, my supervisor gave me a timeline for a project and, ahh, by Earth time tomorrow is the deadline. And, ahh, I, ahh, just a mo­ment please…. I want you to consider the option of going with me, Lacy Dawn.”
DotCom turned his back to her and wiped his first tear ever with the back of his wrist. He licked at his second with his tongue, but it escaped and hit thespaceship's floor. She noticed and wilted into her recliner….

DotCom on how to poop, page 160:

Once a person starts shitting, it won’t stop no matter how hard the person tries. He's got to remember to wash his hands afterward. It's a basic duty.

Author Bio
Robert Eggleton is best known for his investigative reports about children’s programs. Today, he recently retired as a therapist at the Mental Health Center in CharlestonWest Virginia so that he could write fiction. Rarity from the Hollow is his debut novel. Author proceeds have been donated to a child abuse prevention program operated by Children’s Home Society of West Virginia.

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