martes, 7 de julio de 2015

Gift Idea #11

Game of Thrones dragon egg canister

I think this one will be cool for any geek out there, I mean is a Dragon Egg that holds Cookies, so Fancy Love it.

It's actually a Officially-licensed Game of Thrones merchandise, Modeled after Rhaegal's egg.

Made from Hand-painted ceramic, with dimensions of 9 1/4" tall x 6" wide and weighs  2 lbs. 12 oz.

with a Cost of $29.99, the only bad thing it's that they can't ship outside Canada and USA for some Licensing restrictions, but everyone inside there can just delight themselves with this original and creative jar by Think Geek

Creo que este es uno de los mejores regalos para cualquier geek, digo es un huevo de dragón al que puedes ponerle galletas, es tan genial que lo adoro. 

Y para mejorarlo está bajo licencia con games of thrones y modelado como uno de los huevos en la serie. 

Está hecho de cerámica pintada a mano, con dimensiones de 9 1/4 pulgados de alto y 6 pulgadas de ancho, pesa 2 libras o 12 onzas. 

Cuesta $29.99, lo unico malo es que bueno solo pueden enviarlo dentro de Estados Unidos y Canadá por cuestiones de licencias, pero los que estén en ese lado del mundo pueden disfrutar de esta increíble y creativa jarra de Think Geek

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  1. That would be cool for even non-GoT fans, if they're into dragons! What a great find!

  2. I think so too, Everyone can enjoy this one and it's so cool maybe they should make more in different colors that would be awesome imagine them on your kitchen or even on your living room

  3. I agree with Michaela - I know many people who love dragons and wouldn't even make the GoT connection. This is awesome! :)


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