martes, 2 de junio de 2015

Gift Idea #7

Since it's Father's month on my blog this month, I will try to put Gift Ideas with dad orientation. 

For that bookish Dad's that likes to go in the wild and have their own adventures, This will be a great and unique gift....

This tent from Fieldcandy will always hit the spot with them. 

It's pretty interesting and came with a 5 years garanty too, it has a lot of models from fruits, to animals to a carnival tent and more...

Explore the posibilities on

Para los papas lectores a los que les gusta salir de aventura, este seria un gran regalo....

Esta Tienda de Fieldcandy podría ser el regalo perfecto. 

Es muy interesante y viene con 5 años de garantía, tienen modelos desde frutas a animales a una tienda de circo y mas...

Exploren todas las posibilidades en

2 comentarios:

  1. That has GOT to be the coolest tent ever, I want that for mother's day!! lol

  2. Yeah I did love it and browsing I found one of a watermelon that I love XD and well copy the link and for mother's day you can put some reminders for hubby on the house hahahaha


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