domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

Blog Update

Hello There Authors and Readers

today I have great news, the blog is improving a lot and I want to 

share with you all the new things that are coming this way...

First I now own a domain as you can see, that was a great step for 
me and the blog really.

Second I'm going to have daily spaces so you can always have something to read and look forward, the spaces will  be like this: 

Monday's Guests - any guest post are welcome to this one you can email me to and send one to me or request it.

Tuesday will now be Gift Idea day either bookish or gaming, if you are an artisan and want your crafts displayed here you can always email me to and send me pictures and where can the readers go to buy them online or in a store. 

Wednesday will be Games Corner day and I will be reviewing games that I've played, am playing or want to play or waiting for, I think all the gamers can relate and hope they like the reviews, if you have a youtube channel for it or a blog of games you can always try to do a guest post on monday so we can be aware and visit. 

Thursday is Spot thursday's day, I do interviews to authors so if you're an author and want to participate you can email me to and I will send the template to you so you can answers the questions and a spot for you on my blog.

Friday will be Manga Day and I will be reviewing mangas I've read, am reading or want to read, since mangas are still books I think this one is a great idea for a space here in the blog.

Remember to Follow and Participate.

I do love to help new authors and hope new readers come and find some read they like in the process.

Third, remember I do have a lot of social media you can follow me on twitter, instagram, tumblr, pinterest, google+ and a lot more, all the link are on the website.

Fouth I own a wordpress too for the ones that like to follow there @

Fifth I would be posting the books reviews as I will ending the readings so they can be posted either day of the week. 

I hope you enjoy the blog and that you follow me to stay tuned with all the posts. 

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