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Spot Thursday: John Hennesy

Born in the Year of the Ox, John Hennessy writes paranormal horror for both adults and teens. Originally from Birmingham, England, and of Irish descent, he has lived in New York before eventually moving back to his home city.

A kung fu addict; he teaches martial arts full-time but writes at all other times, working on three series:- Dark Winter, Stormling and A Tale of Vampires.

When he doesn't have a book in his hands, he likes to travel and see weird and wacky things. He admits to having an unhealthy addiction to Star Trek, Batman, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to name but a few. He will also travel to reputed scary places in England, as he feels it makes his books more real.

Friend invites will happily be accepted, but you'll need to interact. Unlike some of the characters in these stories, the author won't bite

His Influences: JRR Tolkien, George Orwell, Jane Austen, Daphne du Maurier, Terry Nation, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Sherry Thomas, Courtney Milan, Bram Stoker, Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins

Twitter: JohnHennessy
Website:  http://johnhennessybooks.blogspot.co.uk/

Tell us a little about yourself and your background? 

My main profession is that of a martial arts teacher. I teach students in Kung Fu, Karate, Jeet Kune Do and Tai Chi. I have enjoyed reading books since I was a young child at school. I was active at my local library, sad to say it has been torn down now and rebuilt elsewhere. It’s not the interesting building it was before. But it did get me into reading, and I haven’t stopped as I’ve gotten older.

Which writers inspire you? 

Stephen King is a great influence, though I never try to write like him. That’s for him, and for him only. Anne Rice is wonderful – she writes vampires and witches in ways I can only dream of. Again, her prose is dimensions ahead of mine, though you can bet I work on it.

My all time favourite author has to be JRR Tolkien. His vision, which created works like The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings, amazed me as a child. I’m lucky I live close to where he grew up in Birmingham.

Of course  I love other authors too, and modern ones like Suzanne Collins and Kendare Blake I think write great books too.

Have you written any other novels in collaboration with other writers?

Not to date, but I would not rule that out. Then again, from a creative standpoint I would probably like to stay in control. But I applaud authors who can work together. In fact two of my author friends did that, and the resulting novel was brilliant!

When did you decide to become a writer?

In this phase of my life, I decided back in 2009, when the recession all but cost me my job, which at the time was a role I had held for ten years. Perhaps the Gods were telling me to just move on.

That year, I began writing the non-fiction martial arts book that I always wanted to write.  After I finished that, I started work on my Tolkien homage which became Stormling. Book two will be finished in 2016. It’s the most fun I have had in years. I would recommend writing to everybody!

Do you write full-time or part-time? 

I suppose it is part-time, as I have to fit in writing around my teaching and other personal commitments. I hope one day it can be my full time profession, as I cannot go on teaching at this level forever.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you? 

The answer is probably yes to each of those, though I aim to have a defined outline with a strong plot already decided. If I write as I go without doing this, it doesn’t really work for me. I have to have an idea of what I am doing, then you can bet the reader will see the story as I do! A writer must have a strong hold on the narrative, otherwise he or she will lose the reader.

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers? 

I think it’s about networking with the kind of readers and bloggers that will actively support you. Paying for blog tours doesn’t work in my view, thought it might be useful for some authors. 

I would like to nurture a relationship with the reader / blogger / writer, so that they will shout for me, as I will for them, because we are actually interested in the material being created.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews? 

Good reviews are great, of course.  I don’t believe anyone goes out of their way to leave me a good review. If they like it, they really do seem to like what I have written. Bad reviews are part and parcel of the writer’s life, and there is no way to avoid it. I take note of what they say, so long as it’s not spiteful or deliberately cutting. Also, some readers just don’t like what certain authors write. That can’t be helped. We just have to move on!

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

I have a blog, and I am active on Twitter, Facebook and GoodReads, to name a few.

Any Comments for the Blog readers?

Your input is so important to writers. We need objective feedback on what we do wrong, as well as what we do right. I hope you will support established and indie authors alike.

Any feedback for me or the blog?

I am delighted to have got to know you and I can see the amazing work you do for the book community. Thank you for having me.

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Murdeous Little Darlings Review

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

When I began this book I was a little confused by some of the events happening in it, but what a rollercoaster trip this little book was.

It was very appealing and entertaining, it played with your mind a lot. it the epitome of the phrase "not everything is what it seems".

The twist at the end was awesome and interesting to say the least. 

I'm anxious to read the next installments on this series....

Este libro lo recibí del autor para dar mi opinión honesta.

Debo admitir que estaba un poco confundida cuando empece el libro por algunos sucesos que fueron como directo al grano pero luego de eso fue un viaje bastante divertido con altos y bajos casi como una montaña rusa.

Me encanto leerlo es super entretenido y atrayente, juega con tu mente de formas en las que te entretendras desde el principio hasta el final. es el epitome de la frase "nada es lo que parece".

El giro en el final fue sorprendente y super interesante debo decir.

Estoy ansiosa por leer los demás libros de la serie....

martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Bookish Idea #2

This little cutie seem pretty easy to do and it's a lovely novelty.

you can find the instruction on how to do it here:


Este pequeño collar se ve bastante fácil y es bastante novedoso.

pueden encontrar las instrucciones de como hacerlo aquí:


Facade Review

Love it, it was so fun and cool to read. it trapped me and the twists on the plot were so awesome.

Definitely waiting for more in these series. the characters were enjoyable love it, it was so fun and cool to read that was a plus.

I loved Stark we need a book for him alone definitely. 

The plot twist at the end damn marvelous.

Este libro la verdad me encanto. me atrapo con todos los giros en la trama que fueron asombrosos.

Definitivamente espero que halla mas libros en esta serie, los personajes eran geniales me encantaron, fue divertido e interesante de leer eso es un plus.

Me encanto el personaje de Stark, necesita un libro para el definitivamente. 

El giro al final de la trama fue maravilloso.

lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Delhi Yarns Review

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

It was a pretty interesting book, the shorts stories are well 

done and are very cute and entertaining.

It's not really my type of book but I do enjoyed it. 

Este libro lo recibí de la autora para hacer una reseña honesta.

El libro estuvo bastante interesante la verdad, las pequeñas historias estuvieron bien hechas y fueron muy lindas y entretenidas.

No es exactamente mi tipo preferido de libro pero la verdad lo disfrute bastante.

Lo puedo recomendar mas que nada para aquellas personas a las que les gusta mucho las lecturas encantadoras.

domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

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Spot Thursday

Spot Author

A.B. Whelan

Author of the Fields of Elysium Saga, a YA series with adventure, romance, social issues, and a hint of religion. 

The first book of the series was inspired by amazing movies like Dirty Dancing, Avatar, and Twilight and earned praise from prestigious review companies and readers. 

If you would like to know more about my series, please check out my:

Autora de la saga Field of Elysium , una serie YA de aventuras, amor, cuestiones sociales, y un toque de religión.

El primer libro de la serie fue inspirada por las películas increíbles como Dirty Dancing, Avatar, y Crepúsculo y ha obtenido elogios de prestigiosas empresas de revisión y  lectores.

Si quieres saber mas acerca de la serie, puedes visitar: 

A.B. Whelan 
Books / Libros

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Interview With J. Kahele


Tell us a little about yourself and your background? 

I am a mother of three teenage girls. I was born in Wahiwa, Honolulu, Hawaii. My father is of Italian descent, my mother Hawaiian. My life consists of writing and raising my three girls.

Which writers inspire you? All Indie writers inspire me.

Have you written any other novels in collaboration with other writers?

I recently wrote a novel called ‘Crazy on You,’ with a fantastic UK author James Duncan. It was a very wonderful experience and we are currently working on the second book of the series.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I don't think you ever decide when to be a writer, I believe you are born to be a writer. But I probably made the decision after I wrote a series of books for my daughters who pushed me to publish my work.

Do you write full-time or part-time? Full-time

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you? I work with no plot or outline, I get an ideal in my head and run with it.

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers? No.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews? A bad review sometimes is good. When a reviewer tears apart your characters and is angry about the events that means they were engaged in the story and that is what you want people to do right? Engage in your story? I really try not to get too caught up in reviews, If I am happy with what I wrote it is good enough for me.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

My books are available:
Amazon - J. Kahele Amazon
Website: www.janellekahele.com
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/JanelleKahele
Goodreads: Author Page

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~~ Bookish Gift Idea #1 ~~

I will post weekly ideas for Bookish Gifts 
you can find all the gift ideas in 
the tab above with the same name.

Posteare ideas semanales de Regalos literarios
pueden encontrar todas las ideas en 
la pestaña de arriba con el mismo nombre (bookish gifts).

Cute corners bookmarks, you can make them yourselves or search on the web for free printables of these cuties. 

Lindos marcos de esquina, los pueden hacer ustedes mismos o buscar en la web miles de los que hay gratis para imprimir. 

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In my kindle #1

One year till forever - Katie Mass

High Cotton Country - Leta

Hell Coming - N P Martin

Days of Throbbing gristle - Kevin Cole

Ghost Camera - Darcy Coates

Eight to Midnigth 

Shield & The Shadow - A.M. Yates

Warzone Nemesis - Morris Graham

*In no particular Order

*Sin ningún orden en particular

*First Two pages of my kindle at the moment

*Las dos primeras páginas de mi kindle en el momento

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Watch our blog next week!!!

Here we have all the activies for the blog next week 

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Lunes: En mi Kindle #1, lo que hay en mi kindle para leer.

Martes: Ideas de regalos literarios #1, ideas semanales.

Miércoles: Entrevista con J. Kahele, recuerden que tenemos tour el día 6 de mayo.

Jueves: Jueves Destacados, puesto semanal para autores y libros.

Viernes:  Anuncio de Facade, si te gusta la sinopsis, compra el libro y coméntanos tu opinión. 

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Io Deceneus Review

It was a good book, but it's wasn't' exactly what I thought it will be like.

I felt like I read short stories connected in a big book more than a book of it's own.

The chapters were very interesting and all, but it was a little overwhelming, since the way it was written was a little too methodical for this genre.

In all the book is pretty cool but you will have to like this kind of writing if you want to enjoy the book like a whole. 

Fue un buen libro para leer, pero no era exactamente lo que estaba buscando.

Sentí que leí mas bien como pequeñas historias interconectadas entre si, mas que un solo libro. 

Los capítulos estuvieron bien interesantes y todo, pero fue un poco abrumador por la forma en la que estaba escrito, a mi parecer fue demasiado descriptivo para este genero, la verdad hubiera preferido un tipo de escritura mas ligera.

El libro es bastante genial pero para disfrutarlo al máximo te tendría que gustar mucho el tipo de escritura que se uso. 

lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

~~~ Facade Book Blog Tour ~~~


When Liam Sheldon is summoned to Chicago, to testify for the prosecution against Kate, and is again reunited with Ally, he realizes he can no longer hold back his feelings for her and his want to be with her, takes over his complete existence.

He reveals to Ally that he has made a terrible mistake, leaving her, that he loves her and asks her to take him back. But Ally is reluctant, afraid he will break her heart again.
Buy @ Amazon



I am a married mother of three teenage girls and live in south eastern Michigan. I have one flaw that could rightly be considered the worst flaw possible. I procrastinate constantly, which gets me into a little more trouble than I like, especially with my girls. I love to swim, ride horses, relax to a good book and spend time with my family. Writing has helped me to calm down the very hectic life I have and release the scattered thoughts that often run through my head,(no I don't hear voices), but I do envision characters of my books, when I see people interacting around me. That's pretty much sums up my life!
Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | LinkedIn| Website

After months of hard work and dedication, the Maryland project was finally ready for sale. With over five hundred business owners bidding for the new improved company, Liam sat in on negotiations for weeks before finally choosing a buyer.
The project not only proved to be the most profitable one, but it also defined his company as one of the most sought-after investment companies in the world. His email constantly swarmed with potential customers begging for him to buy them out.
He should be ecstatic, proud that he had finally accomplished the one feat he strived for—success. But the triumphant prosperity was bittersweet. Selling out his heart to a life of loneliness was not worth the price.
Sitting at his desk, he glanced fondly at the Polaroid, snapped by a photographer when he traveled with Ally to New York to see the play Les Miserables. He frowned as he saw the dingy yellow cast surround the fading picture, a common consequence of the cheap film. His lip quirked up on one side slightly as her reflection caught his eye, her shiny dark hair framing her face elegantly, bringing attention to the gold flecks in her amber eyes. She is so beautiful.  Even after eight months, his heart still ached for her every breathing moment.
Sliding his hand into his suit coat pocket, he pulled out the folded paper that he carried with the Polaroid everywhere he went. It was his reminder of a happier time, the only thing that helped him make it through each agonizing day without her.
A lump began to form in his throat as he carefully unfolded the note she had left him the morning after they had made love for the first time. It read:
I wanted to thank you for an unbelievable night. I know it may be a one-time thing, and I don’t expect more. But I need you to know that it was very special to me and a night I will always remember.
Ally xoxo
Memories instantly flooded his mind: her invisible scent tingling through his nose; her smile playing tricks on his eyes as he envisioned her staring down at him.
“Ally,” he muttered, and instantly the vision disappeared. The illusion devastated him and he grunted, squeezing his eyes closed tightly as a soaring fleet of mixed emotions shot through his head, making him restless and shaky. God, I miss her!
The guilt and regret still lay heavy on his heart, igniting the suffering and agony that seemed to haunt him since he had left Chicago. Breathlessly he grabbed the sides of his head, yanking at his hair, attempting to quote his mantra, the one that made him better, stronger—but  the words dissipated from his mind and only visions of Ally and the last time he saw her lingered behind his eyelids.
Her eyes—those beautiful eyes, glazed with hurt and pain that he had cast upon her, after he selfishly shattered his promise to never break her heart.
“We were no good for each other,” he mumbled under his breath. But even as the words floated out of his mouth, he knew there was no real truth to them.

Gazing out into the distance, Ally watched as the sun blinked through the trees, lighting up the hilltops, the scenery like a picturesque postcard. It was an unusually warm day for mid-May in Chicago, a sweltering 88 degrees. Staring down at the brook, Ally exhaled as she thought about Liam.
She wondered if he thought of her as she thought of him. She found it disheartening that someone could be such an important part of her life and then just disappear without a trace. She attempted to convince herself he was just a façade of her heart, an illusion of her soul, but that was not true, not true at all. Maybe in his heart what they had was a masquerade, but in hers it was special, true love, one that could never be replaced. I will always love him!

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