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Review Policy

Welcome Authors, Readers, Bloggers, Promoters

Please Read Below

You can always send me an email if you want to ask anything or message me on my social media.

I do my reviews in English and Spanish
(if you want yours only on one language please tell before hand)
Please use the form to request a review Review Requesting Form

 I acept ARC's, finished copies amd ebooks (mobi format)
you can send PDF's too.
I do accept paperbacks
(please fill the contact form or review request one for that)
**If it's part of a series please do send them in order, unless they can act like standalones.
I do audiobooks, that's a new feature on my reviews.

I enjoy YA and NA fiction in the following genres

I DON'T READ books in the following genres

*Any other not listed here you can send an email with 
an excerpt if you want. 
I can always make an exception if I feel the book would interest me.

If I accept a book, remember there's usually a queue line so be patient,
I will get to yours as soon as I can. 
I post my reviews on goodreads and amazon as well as my blogs.
I do like to be fair on my reviews, so it will always be an honest review
if I don't like the book I would say why I didn't like it, but will try to focus on the
good aspects of the book, my mission is to share an opinion not destroy any works.
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