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Karen prince

Trouble is brewing in Karibu and Gogo Maya and her leopard are about to make matters worse. Their risky ‘switching’ trick has jettisoned them right out of the secret realm, sucking a teenager from the ordinary world into the mess they left behind them.

Ethan Flynn is pretty useless in the African bush but at least he knows how to do CPR . . . and that’s when he finds out you shouldn’t do it on a witch. The one he just rescued from drowning says she switched places with his cousin and now Ethan has sucked up all her magical powers, leaving her too weak to switch back again. 

It must be true. Joe has vanished into thin air, Ethan’s feeling all unhinged, and the old woman’s leopard is communicating its thoughts straight into his head. 

. . . alarming thoughts about teaming up with fearsome characters and traveling into dark places; disturbing thoughts about Joe in terrible danger unless Ethan learns to use the magic in time to rescue him.

That’s if Ethan himself can survive . . .


Well this book was entertaining and very cute actually, it narrates the story of a boy that seem to comfortable with all his thing but when he go to visit his cousin in Africa well there you have to conform with anything you have.

Ethan, poor boy, rescues an old lady of drown but since she was a witch, he accidentally suck up all her powers and his cousin Joe vanished to another land shrouded in mystery and magic. 

Now Ethan has to go rescue Joe and come back alive to return all the powers to the witch...

It's a very cool book, right now only in english but very entertaining. 


Bueno este libro es bastante entretenido y bonito en cierta forma, narra la historia de un chico que esta muy acostumbrado a toda su tecnología y demás pero cuando visita a su primo en África, bueno ahí sobrevives con lo que tienes.

Ethan, pobre chico, rescata a una anciana de ahogarse pero como la anciana es una bruja, lo que pasa es que accidentalmente le succiona todos sus poderes y su primo Joe fue enviado a otra tierra llena de misterios y magia. 

Ahora Ethan tendrá que ir a rescatar a Joe y regresar vivo para regresarle los poderes a la bruja...

Es bastante divertido el libro, solo esta en ingles desafortunadamente pero se los recomiendo.

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