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Land of the Dead series

Pale Immortal (Book 1)

Garden of Darkness (Book 2)

Anne Frasier


Synopsis Book 1

The sleepy town of Tuonela, Wisconsin, is known for one thing: the killer who stalked its streets one hundred years ago, drinking the blood of his victims. And when the drained corpse of a young girl is found, the citizens fear their past has risen from the grave--and point their fingers at one man....

Evan Stroud can never see the light of day. The prisoner of a strange and terrible disease, he lives in tragic solitude, taunted for being a "vampire"--until the son he never knew he had shows up in Tuonela and is drawn into its depraved, vampire-obsessed underworld. Then Evan must rely on coroner Rachel Burton, his childhood friend, for help. But the evil that they face is powerful and elusive and about to take them to the very brink of madness.


Synopsis Book 2

Haunted by both the town of Tuonela and the betrayal of Evan Stroud, medical examiner Rachel Burton tries to leave, but is brought back by the skinned body found in the woods. Others are coming to Tuonela, drawn to the legend of the Pale Immortal, the so-called vampire whose exhumed body is now on display. And others will die. 

As Evan succumbs to madness, those around him will suspect the worst of him. But nothing he is rumored to be will compare to the one who has been awakened..


Well this books are only in english for what I could found at the moment, but they're pretty good mystery and suspense books.

The first one I bought it a long time ago in a book fair for $1 dollar and after that I try to found the second book and all and it was almost a year or so later that I found it but in ebook format.

It's very interesting the way Anne put the vampire in his books, because it was a little weird but it was very rational and even a little more interesting than putting an stereotypical one, since the one in this books is long dead and he don't rise just like that out of nowhere or anything like that.

The protagonist in the book seems to have a disease and can't go in the sun and it seems their parents gave them some sort of powder to try to cure this illness that seem to have developed from scratch one day, but what they did was invite something else into their son without knowing it.

In the second book you have a lot more to work with since they seems to discover the original vampire body and they put it on a museum, worst idea ever I think if you live in a town where everyone is so superstitious and all.

Strange things come to pass and our protagonist seem to be embedded by something and the body in the museum only serves to grow all the stories and myths a little more.

I do really recommend this books they will put you on edge and you will be entranced by this shadow play in Tuonela... 


Bueno estos libros solo están en ingles por lo que pude ver hasta el momento, pero son bastante buenos en cuanto a misterio y suspenso.

El primero lo compre en una feria del libro por $1 dólar y después de eso me tomo casi 1 año y tanto encontrar el segundo libro en formato digital.

Es bastante interesante como Anne describe a sus vampiros, porque en realidad me pareció un poco raro pero a la vez muy racional y hasta bien curioso porque no son los vampiros estereotipados a los que estamos acostumbrados, ya que en este libro el vampiro está bien muerto, más o menos, y no se levanta de la tumba tal cual ni nada de eso.

El protagonista parece tener una enfermedad muy rara y no puede salir al sol y sus padres deciden darle un tipo de polvo en té para intentar curarlo pero lo que hacen es invitar a algo más dentro de su hijo sin saberlo.

En el segundo libro tienes más con que trabajar porque al parecer descubren los restos del vampiro original y deciden ponerlo en un museo, mala idea si me preguntas si vives en un pueblito lleno de supersticiones y demás la verdad.

Empiezan a pasar cosas muy extrañas y nuestro protagonista parece dominado por alfo y el cuerpo en el museo solo sirve para hacer crecer las historias y mitos un poco más.

En realidad recomiendo este libro, los dejara en suspenso y fascinados por los juegos de sombras en Tuonela…

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