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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Are you brave enough for Scary Stories?
Some boys and girls were at a party one night. There was a graveyard down the street, and they were talking about how scary it was.
"Don't ever stand on a grave after dark," one of the boys said. "The person inside will grab you."
"A grave doesn't scare me," said one of the girls. "I'll do it right now. . . ."

Welcome to the macabre world of Scary Stories, where folklorist Alvin Schwartz offers up the most alarming collection of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time. Here is a selection of extraordinarily chilling tales along with spine-tingling illustrations by renowned artist Brett Helquist.
This one was a book reccomended by my boyfriend and it resulted to be very interesting, being an horror fan the stories in this compendium are so good and they are related like a manual book to tell scary stories to your friends, that is part of the charm.

It has too a chapter of funny stories that are awesome by themselves. In addition to that each chapter begins with a little poem and I find this very interesting since they are kinda of horror poems but they are in some kind a little funny.

I do recommend this book if you like short stories if you want to fright and to be amused at the same time. 
It does have an audible counterpart for the ones who like to hear instead of reading, you can buy it or download it from almost all the internet.

If you prefer the hardcovers I would recommend Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Este libro me lo recomendó mi novio y resulto muy interesante la verdad, siendo una fan del horror los cuentos que se narran aquí me parecen muy buenos y están escritos también como un manual para contar historias de terror y eso es parte de su encanto.

Había también un capítulo con historias bien graciosas y me parecieron muy entretenidas. Añadido a eso entre los capítulos hay unos poemas que halle de lo mas interesantes, siendo que son como poemas de horror pero también pueden llegar a ser bien graciosos.

Recomiendo este libro si te gustan las historias cortas de terror y si te quieres asustar y divertir un rato.

Incluso tiene un audio libro para aquellos a los que les gusta escuchar las historias de terror en vez de leerlas, pueden comprar el libro o bajarlo desde Internet.

Si te gustan mas los libros físicos recomendaría Amazon y BarnesNoble si estas en Estados Unidos, si no siempre hay formas de hallarlo dando vueltas por la web. 

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